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Lyne's perspective on Lyne, Ed, and Sweet Betty Bee's

Over twenty years ago, Ed came by with a flier from the local Agricultural Extension Service.  Handing it to me, he said, "Here, you could do this".  It was a notice of the upcoming bee keeping school offered jointly by Henderson and Buncombe Counties in North Carolina - and after thinking it over for about 15 seconds I agreed that I could, indeed, do this.  Having grown up on a farm in eastern Virginia I missed that part of life.  It's hard to keep cows in the city-like neighborhood we lived in at the time, but bees - they're pretty small.  So I went to bee school and that spring we started with a dozen hives.

Ed had an ulterior motive...  he was a mead maker and needed a source for reliably unadulterated honey.  His beekeeping friend in Tennessee was winding down.  We laugh about it being the mead that convinced me to marry him...

Ed has enjoyed careers in retail store management, trucking, banking, insurance, and a commercial microbrewery. Five years after getting me involved with bees, Ed attended bee school as well (so now he is my assistant : )  Actually, Ed is the business mind behind Sweet Betty Bee's, and had thoughts about commercial mead making and honey vinegar production.

I have been a registered nurse for 40 years.  Up until the time Ed got me involved in keeping bees, I didn't think much about life after nursing, but a steward of bees I now am. 

We and the bees produce some of the finest, purest raw honey available. In 2015, our bees won the 'Grand Prize' in the International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest , an annual blind tasting event hosted by the Center For Honey Bee Research in Asheville, NC.

Ed and I grew up immersed in nature and through our life's work we want to give something back to that which sustains us. It is our belief that much of the sickness and disease that plagues this planet comes from increasingly widespread use of man-concocted stuff, and so we are concerned with responsible living; eating natural, unprocessed, pesticide free foods; and supporting local western North Carolina farmers with like concerns. 

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