Healthier, happier bees make better honey

Ed's perspective on our future plans

Late 2010 we settled in at a new home, farm and honey processing facility on over 15 acres of somewhat isolated land in the Marshall area of Madison County, North Carolina!

What kind of bees do we have?  Well, mongrels, to be honest.  We're trying to raise bees best adapted to our region's climate and threats. Our hives have never been exposed to pesticides or antibiotics in the hive, so we're selectively breeding for bees with superior immunity and hygienic behavior. From time to time, we purchase select pure bred queens from other areas to broaden our gene pool. 

I have had a passion for brewing beer, wine and mead for over 20 years.  For the future, plans for a small commercial Meadery (honey wine) along with a Honey Vinegar plant are underway. 
Our all-natural mead will be unlike almost all other commercially available products in that it's drier than most, and will be fermented from our own natural, raw honey. An all natural secret ingredient deepens the character of the final product.  As a testament to the powers of my mead, Lyne has been overheard to say it was the real reason she married me. I truly hope that isn't the whole story. 

As wonderful as honey is, pollination is the real gift of bees. Lyne dreams of having at least one beehive established per mile gridded across the land. This is the stuff of non-profits and tremendous community education and support.  In the meantime, we participate with local and state bee organizations and will talk your ears off about bees whenever we get a chance.

We plan to improve our webstore at some point so it is more friendly as to online purchasing.

                                           All tucked in.